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From Home to Home Travel Experiences

Alerts and Warnings

United States Government keeps you up to date on problem areas.

Baggage Allowances

This site gives you lots of great information that might help you avoid excess luggage charges in dozens of countries.

 CIA World Fact Book

Detailed reports on every country you’re likely to visit and some you’re not.

 Compare Airfares

Just type in your departure point, your destination and when you want to travel and this site claims to provide you with the carrier with the best price.

Couch Surfing

Staying with locals for an inexpensive alternative.

Currency Exchange Rates

Converts to and from almost any currency

 Embassies and Consulates

Find your nearest embassy or consulate when in need of help

Essential Travel Tips from Readers Digest

Some serious information for a trouble free trip

Gay and Lesbian Caution

Be aware of the 75 countries where it is illegal.

Google Translations

A quick and handy online translator for dozens of languages with audio pronunciation for some.

International Hosteling

Thousands of hostel listings all over the world.

Health Services

These WHO ratings can give you an idea of what to expect in various countries

Travel Destinations

A wonderful detailed guide to any destination you chooses.

Travel Taboos

Be on your best behavior and don’t irritate the locals

Trip Advisor

Read Reviews, Compare Prices, Book your Perfect Trip


What do you need to visit specific areas.

 World Clock

Nothing worse that phoning someone on the other side of the world and finding that you got them out of bed. This clock will give you the time in 145 locations.

World Weather

Find out conditions where ever you are or intend to go.

World Health Map

Shows health alerts around the globe